Starter Price Without Sacrifice


Built Solid to Support Equipment and Materials

Welcome to the CJ Spray starter rig. Designed specifically for starting out in the urethane foam insulation market, where being successful means starting without one hand tied behind your back. We understand that to be successful you need a certain level of functionality and sustainability — that is why our starter rig is uncompromising, while still being priced at a “starter” budget. Anything less just won’t due.


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Mobile Spray Rig Brochure

View and/or download our 16-page Turn-Key Spray Foam Rigs brochure packed with helpful information, including Accessories and options, Spray Foam Rigs at a glance, Standard features and equipment for our 16 ft, 20 ft, Gooseneck and Box Truck lineup, Help choosing the right equipment and much more!

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Economy starter rig without sacrifice — designed for urethane foam insulation applications

• Graco Reactor E-20 with circulation kit
• Graco T:1 Feed Pumps
• Two Graco Fusion AP guns (other models available)
• 160 ft. heated hose standard
• 17.5 kW gasoline generator
• 3.5 HP electric C-Aire air compressor
• 3 Stage Desiccant DryAire System
• Barrel brace system for two sets of materials
• Work bench, with vise, blow gun and overhead aluminum premium cabinet
• Urethane foam insulated walls and ceiling
• Shore power hook-up
• Heated hose wrap with heated hose circulation kit

• 48 in. curb-side door with hose hatch
• Ramp rear door
• Fire extinguisher, first-aid kit and eyewash station
• Epoxy floor coating, white board walls, white ceiling board, and premium white aluminum trim throughout trailer
• Two 3,500 lb. axles
• 7.5 ft. interior heights
• LED lights and accents
• RV style locks and latches
• Bogey wheels at rear of trailer to prevent damage
• Trailers from United with 5 year limited warranty

• Upgrade to 20kW diesel generator
• Electric refrigerated air drier upgrade
• Heat Systems – AirTronic, 110V, 240V, Band Heaters
• Air Conditioner (with 110V heat)
• Upgrade to 210 ft.. of heated hose
• Fresh air supply systems
• Protective clothing and spill containment
• Gun cleaners and gun cleaning kits

Heated Sprayfoam Hose

Welcome to the Doghouse

Mobile Spray Rigs Designed for the Professional Contractor
OSHA requires all internal combustion engines to be in a separate room away from the work environment. Welcome to the doghouse. This layout allows a sleek 16 foot econ omy trailer to be as roomy as a 20 foot premium trailer without the cost, added maneuverability issues or the p rice tag of a “big rig”.

Choose Your Generator:

17.5 kW / Gas
Gas driven generator from Generac; a world leader in generators. Gas operated “portable” generators offer low cost of entry, but less durability. The Dog House allows you to easily pull out the generator on the EZ Slide and operate the generator outside the trailer. This gives you OSHA compliance and gives extra cooling for maximum generator life.

20 kW / Diesel
Upgrade to the diesel driven generator from Cummins Onan. Get years of performance and reliability from a commercial stand-by diesel generator.

Generator Doghouse for Spray Foam Rigs

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Build It!

Build Your Own Mobile Spray Rig

With the CJ Spray Turn-Key Mobile Spray Rig Configurator, you can Customize your trailer, Research components, Find all the accessories you need, Get instant pricing and Save/print your results!

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