Turn-Key Mobile Spray Rigs: Built Tough for Spray Foam Insulation and Coating Applications


CJ Spray offers a full line of custom turn-key mobile spray foam rigs and equipment designed for the task at hand. From residential insulation to pipe coating CJ Spray has you covered.

Built Solid to Support Equipment and Materials

CJ Mobile Spray Rigs are designed specifically for the urethane foam market. We understand what it takes for a contractor to be successful, and to stay up and running — attention to detail is critical when dealing with moisture sensitive isocyanate and resin with blowing agent that can easily froth.

Coating Applications

Our rigs can handle the most difficult to spray coatings — with combinations specifically designed for Polyurea, Urethane, and Epoxy. We can customize our rigs with off-ratio pumps, agitators, heated hoppers and many other accessories to handle the most demanding products.

Backed by Warranty

There are several components that make up a CJ Spray Mobile Spray Foam Rig — and we use only the best. You can trust that CJ Spray only selects premium grade equipment manufacturers with national service networks to keep you going.

The CJ Spray Rigs Lineup

Bigger is Not Always Better

The new AiMS trailer series offers the same performance as our 20 and 28 ft turn-key trailers in a smaller, more compact package

work around urban spaces with ease

Tight Spaces
Get into areas traditional trailers cannot

Smaller footprint and height makes it possible to store indoors where traditional trailers cannot

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Economy starter rig without sacrifice — designed for urethane foam insulation applications.

Built Solid to Support Equipment and Materials
Welcome to the CJ Spray starter rig. Designed specifically for starting out in the urethane foam insulation market, where being successful means starting without one hand tied behind your back. We understand that to be successful you need a certain level of functionality and sustainability — that is why our starter rig is uncompromising, while still being priced at a “starter” budget. Anything less just won’t due.


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Premium rig designed for foam and coating applications with the room and payload for almost every application while still in a small enough package to easily maneuver around job sites.

Mobile Spray Rigs Designed for the Professional Contractor
Welcome to the ultimate in mobile spray packages. The 20 ft. trailer is large enough to handle any type or size of spray equipment while being in a small package that is maneuverable and can be handled with smaller pick-up trucks.


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Mobile Spray Rigs Designed For the Professional Contractor

Premium rig designed for foam and coating applications — longer gooseneck provides added payload, additional room for more barrels and the better pulling of a gooseneck trailer. Welcome to the ultimate in mobile spray packages. The 28 ft. Gooseneck trailer provides more room and has larger axles to carry more material. The gooseneck provides greater maneuverability at the job site and easier towing down the road.


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Box Trucks provide big payload in small packages that are easy to maneuver at any job site. CJ Spray can perform a custom installation in your box truck — contact us for box truck requirements.

Custom Outfitted Box Trucks to Your Specifications
Supply your own box truck and have CJ Spray customize it for your application. Box trucks are easy to maneuver and can reach areas in rugged job sites that trailers cannot. They are capable of hauling heavy loads and are easy to park where space is limited. Contact CJ Spray for truck requirements and your personalized custom quote.

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Build It!

Build Your Own Mobile Spray Rig

With the CJ Spray Turn-Key Mobile Spray Rig Configurator, you can Customize your trailer, Research components, Find all the accessories you need, Get instant pricing and Save/print your results!

Build It!