Turn-key trailer for Spray Foam and Plural Component Coatings


Bigger is Not Always Better

The new AiMS trailer series offers the same performance as our 20 and 28 ft turn-key trailers in a smaller, more compact package

Work around urban spaces with ease

Tight Spaces
Get into areas traditional trailers cannot

Smaller footprint and height makes it possible to store indoors where traditional trailers cannot

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AiMS Mobile Spray Rig Brochure

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Get In. Get Out. Get to the Next Job.

• Twin 5,000 lb axles (10,000 lb gvw)
• Powder coated enclosure
• Barrel Brace system designed for two sets of material
• Electric brakes
• Shore power hook-up (110 volt, 20 amp)
• Spare tire
• EZ Slide heated hose wrap
• Exterior (locking) tool box
• Two fire extinguishers, eye wash station, and first aid kit
• Locking latches
• Manifold circulation kit standard
• LED interior lighting
• Spare parts kit for selected spray gun and Reactor

Heated Hose Circulation Kit
Allows for easy circulation of material through entire system to prevent isocyanate crystallization during periods of down time. Reduces time required to warm the heated hose with coatings or ½ lb foam.

Allegro Fresh Air Compressor System
Cost effective fresh air supply pump is portable and 110 volt.

Martech Fresh Air Supply System
Mounts in trailer and coverts air from spray rig compressor to Grade D breathable air.

Air Conditioner
Excellent for foam contractors in hot climates.

Electric Heaters
110 Volt and 240 volt options. 240 Volt has more BTUs, but only runs with the generator. 110 Volt model runs on generator and shore power but has less BTUs.

AirTronic Heater
The ultimate heating option. Runs on 12 volt DC power and diesel fuel. Set thermostat on the wall and the AirTronic Heater will maintain temperature burning only 1 gallon of diesel per 16 hours.

Drum Mixer
CJ Mobile Rigs are designed to easily add pneumatic drum agitators for a wide range of materials.

Graco offers three Integrated Reactor packages. The standard E-30i without heat works well with 2 lb and higher density foams. The E-30i with heat is the right choice for contractors spraying open cell (.5 lb) foam. Coating Contractors spraying Polyurea or other protective coatings will want the additional pressure of the E-XP2i.

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Build Your Own AiMS Mobile Spray Rig

With the CJ Spray Turn-Key Mobile Spray Rig Configurator, you can Customize your trailer, Research components, Find all the accessories you need, Get instant pricing and Save/print your results!

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